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How Our Money-Back Guarantee Works

We offer every customer an unconditional money-back guarantee. If we can’t find a buyer for your timeshare ownership, we don’t get paid.

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Vacation Rentals LLC guarantees that if you don’t obtain the services within 12 months, We will refund your money entirely.

How it works

The Process of Selling  your Timeshare
Throughout our patented 5 step process, we accomplish the results you want.  Read on to learn more about how Vacation Rentals LLC guarantees 100% success for our clients.

Step One: Contact us

We strive to make this a stress-free process for you. When you call or email us, we assign your account to an expert that will explain how the process runs. Depending on your particular conditions and needs, we will determine how long it will take us to find a buyer for your timeshare property. Once we localize a potential buyer, we send you a quick email notification to request your approval for the selling of your property.

Step Two: Documentation

We recognize that time matters, and we work diligently to accomplish your expectance. We provide you with an easy-to-follow list of the required documentation you'll need to collect. We then expedite the documentation for approval and signatures to move the timeshare selling process along efficiently and effectively.

Step Three: Closing the sale of your Timeshare property

Our Transaction Coordinator and Timeshare Consultants will make this a streamlined process for you. One of the main goals we strive for is to put your mind at ease during the selling process. We take care of everything and keep you notified every time we get a step forward. For owners who don't have a mortgage on their timeshare, we average 4-6 Months to conclude the operation. For owners who do have a mortgage or are behind on maintenance fees, the process usually takes longer; we average 7-12 Months for the entire procedures involved. We will never put your assets at risk, and we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee to assure you peace of mind from the beginning to the end of the whole transaction.

Step Four: Timeshare Selling Completed

You get rid of any timeshare obligation with the resort by closing the sale. Our Transaction coordinators and timeshare consultants will walk you through the last procedure, the paying of your money.

Step Five: Get paid your money

Our team of consultants and transaction coordinators will walk you through this last step. Transactions will always need the backing of financial experts to help you manage a safe and secure deal. In this case, we will assure you the paying of your money.

What sets Vacation -rentals LLC apart

Every timeshare ownership situation is unique, and this is why our consultants at Vacation Rentals LLC want to understand your needs before planning your strategy.
We are so confident in the abilities of our fantastic team that we offer a money-back guarantee! That’s right! Either we help you find a buyer for your timeshare or you get a full refund!

This Guarantee is contingent upon:

All data provided to Vacation Rentals LLC by the owner is true, accurate, and complete.
The owner must collaborate to timely respond to any request for information from Vacation Rentals LLC.

This Agreement is void and unenforceable if:

● The owner neglects to fulfill his or her obligations required by Vacation Rentals LLC.
● The timeshare owner must not stop or delay the transaction process.

● The owner declines to sign a procured proposal or does not timely reply to requests by Vacation Rentals LLC.

● The owner fails to disclose a mortgage or any other lien on his or her timeshare property.

● Vacation Rentals LLC are 100% guaranteed to find a buyer for your timeshare. Our Timeshare Experts will do all the hard work to so you don´t have to continue dealing with the financial obligation of owning a shared property.

Are you experiencing the following issues?

● Has your maintenance increased every year above the rate of inflation?
● Are you tied into a perpetuity contract?
● The sales agent lied to you during the presentation to push you to sign a contract you did not want?
● You tried to cancel or sell your timeshare, but it was unsuccessful?
● Did the resort representative tell you that you would be able to give back or resale your timeshare?
● Were you told that your timeshare was an investment?
● If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, call us for a free personalized consultation and case review.


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