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Americans are eager to travel, booking trips, and accommodation for 2019 earlier than in years past.

No matter what social media and the News are telling you. The truth is that traveling is more meaningful today than ever before. 

While your favorite News talks about the coming of a global economic recession and a new world order, precise data collected by AARP TRAVEL proves U.S. people think the opposite. There is no fear and the eagerness to travel grows even higher every coming year.

Baby Boomers Generation expects to take 4-5 leisure trips next year and about half will travel abroad. They plan on spending over $6,600 on their 2019 and 2020 travel.

Each year, millions of people visit other countries and spend their leisure time there. Actually, the number of travelers is growing year after year.

There are many motivations behind this trend, and the most significant among them is the growth in the income and living standards of U.S. People.

People are traveling because they can afford it.

Thanks to progress in technology, air travel has become considerably cheap; as an outcome, more and more people can visit foreign countries. Besides, people have become more interested. They read about foreign countries on Blogs and watch online videos on platforms like YouTube. This exposure makes them want to visit those countries so that they can experience everything first hand.

If you find this information interesting, please continue your reading through the following link to AARP Travel. 

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